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Here’s the Science Behind Optical Illusions

With many optical illusions, we’ve harnessed the trickery of the eyes and brain for our own entertainment. We’ve discovered that certain kinds of visual deception can be replicated, providing fun results. But how do they work? From that viral dress to the trippy posters you can buy in gift shops, here’s the science behind optical illusions.

History’s Real Mad Queens

The “mad queen” trope is as popular in history as it is in pop culture. However, all too often, we see this moniker attached to complex—and more notably, powerful—women whose influence exceeded the social restrictions or expectations of their time period, causing their contemporaries to view them as a looming threat or a literal offense. Were three of history’s most famous “mad” queens actually suffering from mental illness, or were they simply the victims of slander? Let’s find out, shall we?

9 Obscure Fairy Tales That Are Actually Super Creepy

Sure, we’re all familiar with “Sleeping Beauty,” “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and other well-known folktales and stories from childhood. But the world of fairy tales is wide and vast—and many of the more obscure fairy tales out there are also among the creepiest. Stories of people voluntarily removing their own skin or chopping off various body parts sound more like the stuff of horror movies; yet, you’ll find all of these and more within the pages of the very collections you thought peddled primarily in “Once upon a times” and “happily ever afters.”