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5 Case Studies that Taught Us About the Body

When everything is going well, our bodies just kind of work. All the complicated biological systems simply run in the background, and we’ve no idea what’s really going on. But sometimes we learn a lot when things break down. Here are five crazy case studies that taught science a huge amount about how the body works, because something went wrong.

8 of the Most Mysterious Places in the World

While there may only be one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World standing today, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of other captivating places left to explore. The world is full of places that are downright mysterious, grabbing onto our imaginations and refusing to let go until we’ve seen them for ourselves.

6 of History’s Most Infamous Supernatural Hoaxes

These days, many of us like to think that we’d be able to spot a fake if we saw it, whether it’s a doctored photograph or simply a tall tale. However, plenty of supernatural hoaxes from history fooled everyone—even the most skeptical of observers—when they first arrived on the scene.

4 Seriously Strange Norse Myths

Let’s go back to the beginning – all the way back to the creation of the universe. Before the Vikings had mead or ships or hats with horns, there were only three things in existence: Muspelheim (the land of elemental fire), Niflheim (the land of elemental ice), and Ginnungagap (the great wide expanse of nothingness in between).

Did Knights Really Live by a Code of Chivalry?

The many-headed internet beast seems to have grown increasingly fascinated with the medieval period over the last several years. One focal point has been that men were better back then, and part of that was derived from strict adherence to chivalric code.

The History of Death-Row Executions

The death penalty is a controversial topic for some, but it has its place in history and in the prison system. From the methods of execution to where it all began, here is a brief history of death row.