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8 Things Movies Get Wrong about Sword Fighting

I have about half a decade of late medieval martial arts practice under my belt. (Yes, it’s a thing.) Has that been enough to become an expert? Haha, no. Has it been enough to spoil all the fight scenes in the very movies and TV shows that got me interested in sword fighting in the first place? You’d better believe it.

The 10 Most Dangerous Insects in the World

No one, it seems, is neutral about bugs. You either love them or you hate them. And even if you love them, there are times and places they just don’t feel welcome—such as when a spider walks casually out of a dark corner of your home.

6 Things We Picture Wrong About the Ancient World

It often seems like we all have a collective fascination with ancient history. We flock to the pyramids of Egypt and the ruins of Greece on vacation. We adore documentaries that enlighten us on what life might have been like millennia ago. We wonder what secrets the Great Library of Alexandria held, and what events might have sparked the myth of Atlantis.