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Here at MindBounce, we aim to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and transparency. For those interested, here is how we conduct our business:

Advertising: We may have advertisements on this site, and should we use ads, we will make money from them. Ad space is sold by the business arm of the company, not members of the editorial staff. We never accept money as an incentive to write an article or a review. Any sponsored articles you see on the site are not written by our editorial staff and are clearly marked as sponsored posts. In some cases, you may see a “Sponsored” box in an editorial article; these are not written by editorial staff and are part of our stable of advertisements that keep MindBounce running.

Affiliate Links: We, like many sites on the web these days, do include affiliate links in some of our articles. MindBounce may receive a commission for any products sold from an affiliate link. However, those links are not generated by editorial staff, and products are not considered for inclusion on the basis of whether we have an affiliate deal, nor are those products given special treatment. We only review products we think are worthwhile, and we do not include affiliate links that hinder the experience of the user (i.e., we only include affiliate links that go to a product’s home page, not a shopping cart or any other detour).

Review Units: We don’t accept free products from companies. If we want to review a product for an article, we may receive a loaner review unit, which we send back after we’ve completed our work with it. We do not accept review units with preconditions—if we don’t think a product is worth writing about, we will send it back without reviewing it. If a company does not offer review units, we buy the unit ourselves.