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Why Do Potatoes Have Eyes?

You’re probably familiar with the little pits and indents on a potato’s surface we typically refer to as “eyes.” But have you ever wondered why potatoes have eyes—or why they’re even called eyes in the first place?

What Are “Fairy Rings?”

They’re a curious sight: Perfectly round rings of mushrooms, growing that way all on their own. You might find them in forested areas, or you might find them on your lawn. You might even know what they’re called: “Fairy rings” —a seemingly magical name for a seemingly magical phenomenon.

9 Crazy Defense Mechanisms Used by Plants

Plants may not be able to do math or post on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean they can’t protect themselves in complex, or even crazy ways. From thorns to chemical cries for help, check out some of the wild ways that plants keep herbivores at bay.
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