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5 Weird and Horrifying Food Floods Throughout History

We usually think of floods as natural disasters—but not all of them, in fact, are. Some floods are disasters of another sort—and as these food floods throughout history demonstrate, the idea of a 15-foot wave bearing down upon you is all the more terrifying when it’s a wave not of water, but of molasses.

Who Invented the Spork?

Sporks have been a fixture of school lunchrooms and fast-food restaurants seemingly forever—but if you’ve ever wondered who invented the spork, it turns out that the story is a lot more convoluted than it might seem.

The Curious Case of “Dord,” the Dictionary-Defined Word That Doesn’t Exist

If you were to get ahold of the second edition of Webster’s New International Dictionary—specifically, a copy printed between 1934 and 1947—and turn to the “D” section, you’d quickly notice something curious: A definition for the word “dord.” According to this particular dictionary, “dord” is a term used in physics and chemistry—a noun meaning “density.”

History’s Real Mad Queens

The “mad queen” trope is as popular in history as it is in pop culture. However, all too often, we see this moniker attached to complex—and more notably, powerful—women whose influence exceeded the social restrictions or expectations of their time period, causing their contemporaries to view them as a looming threat or a literal offense. Were three of history’s most famous “mad” queens actually suffering from mental illness, or were they simply the victims of slander? Let’s find out, shall we?

5 Declassified CIA Programs

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is shrouded in mystery. Since the National Security Act of 1947 asserted that the director of the CIA must keep documents classified as they pertain to national security, the organization’s actions have been kept very hush-hush. Therefore, many projects only come to light years after they take place. Here are a few examples of declassified CIA programs (or projects the CIA was involved in) that have since been released to the public.

Revisiting the Legend of Anastasia

The legend of the Grand Duchess Anastasia is one of the twentieth century’s most enduring popular myths. What really happened to the Russian imperial family, and what is it about the legend of Anastasia’s survival that has made it endure for so long?
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