The Strange World of Seances

You may have only seen seances in movies, but people host them in real life too. It was a big thing in the U.S. and Europe from the nineteenth century into the early twentieth.

The Surprising Origins of 14 Nicknames

How old were you when you first learned that “Peggy” is, somewhat inexplicably, a nickname for “Margaret?” If your answer is something like, “Today. I was today years old,” don’t worry; you’re in good company. It turns out there actually is a reason “Margaret” is sometimes shortened to “Peggy,” by the way—and what’s more, it’s far from the only nickname with a surprising origin story out there.

The Strange and Spooky Folklore of the Hand of Glory

Maybe you’ve seen pictures of them—strange-looking illustrations of mummified hands clutching candles or with their fingertips aflame. They’re called Hands of Glory, and they’re not just recent inventions meant to spook modern audiences. The folklore of the Hand of Glory stretches back a long, long way—and most of the stories associated with this grisly item are even spookier than you probably think they are.
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