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How to Get Thrown Out of a Disney Theme Park

With Disney World recently reopening to the public, people are heading back in. The Disney parks have some strict rules for guests to follow, and while you’ll usually get a warning or two before you’re escorted out of the parks, it’s best to play things safe. Here are a few ways to get thrown out of a Disney park. Maybe try to avoid them.

11 of the World’s Most Unusual Airports

Getting stuck in an airport while waiting for a delayed flight to take off usually isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time—but that might change, depending on the airport where you’re stuck. Some of the most unusual airports in the world might make a delay or layover worth it; heck, sometimes, the airports are even attractions all in their own right.

9 Spectacularly Unusual Hotels You Can Actually Stay In

For some people, hotels are just a place to crash while you’re on the adventure of a lifetime. For others, though, hotels are part of the experience —and if you fall in the latter group, good news: There are loads of spectacularly unusual hotels around the world just waiting for you to check in and enjoy your stay.

8 Weird and Spooky Urban Legends about Cemeteries

Cemeteries are a lot of things. They’re quiet; they’re calm, and they’re often lovely. But despite their tranquil air, cemeteries play host to tons of urban legends—weird tales, spooky stories, and legends so dark they’ll certainly make sure you never find yourself alone in one at night.
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