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9 Obscure Fairy Tales That Are Actually Super Creepy

Sure, we’re all familiar with “Sleeping Beauty,” “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and other well-known folktales and stories from childhood. But the world of fairy tales is wide and vast—and many of the more obscure fairy tales out there are also among the creepiest. Stories of people voluntarily removing their own skin or chopping off various body parts sound more like the stuff of horror movies; yet, you’ll find all of these and more within the pages of the very collections you thought peddled primarily in “Once upon a times” and “happily ever afters.”

Revisiting the Legend of Anastasia

The legend of the Grand Duchess Anastasia is one of the twentieth century’s most enduring popular myths. What really happened to the Russian imperial family, and what is it about the legend of Anastasia’s survival that has made it endure for so long?

What Was the First Book Ever Printed?

Whether you’re a certifiable bookworm or not, the vast majority of us have benefited significantly from the ready availability of print media in this day and age. But if you’ve always thought that we have the Gutenberg Bible to thank for that, think again: Johannes Gutenberg didn’t invent movable type, and the Gutenberg Bible wasn’t the first book ever printed.

How to Get Thrown Out of a Disney Theme Park

With Disney World recently reopening to the public, people are heading back in. The Disney parks have some strict rules for guests to follow, and while you’ll usually get a warning or two before you’re escorted out of the parks, it’s best to play things safe. Here are a few ways to get thrown out of a Disney park. Maybe try to avoid them.

Did Sherlock Holmes Really Say “Elementary, My Dear Watson?”

The well-trod phrase “Elementary, my dear Watson” is as closely associated with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories as the deerstalker cap and the calabash pipe. But if you take a closer look at the details of Doyle’s famous detective as initially written, you might find a few surprises.
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