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5 Things to Avoid at Disney World at All Costs

Red and purple sign marking the way to Animal Kingom and Resort at Disney

Disney World is a bucket-list destination for many people—and a pretty good one, too. Considering the sheer number of things to do on the property (which, spanning 43 square miles, is also the same size as San Francisco), it really has something to offer everyone. Now it’s easy to make a plan about what to do, but it’s just as important to decide what not to do. Here are five things to avoid at Disney World at all costs.

Paying Full Price

No matter how you spin it, going to Disney World is expensive. Flights, hotels, tickets, food costs, and souvenirs are all typically overpriced and add up quickly. That being said, you should never pay full price for your entire trip.

Disney World always has at least one special offer at any given time, which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. You can also find discounted park tickets from authorized resellers, which will save you some money, at least.

Do some online digging and you’ll soon find plenty of Disney bloggers who offer money-saving tips. Just make sure to book through authorized services when purchasing hotel rooms and park tickets.

Visiting on a Holiday

Disney World goes all-out for major holidays. With work and school paused for whatever occasion, people rush in droves to visit the parks. However, this is bad news for those who like a bit of air and space, all because of one major issue: crowds. Like, you-can’t-even-turn-around crowds. (This problem doesn’t currently apply due to COVID-19 park capacity, but it will undoubtedly resume once attendance rates return to normal.) This cramped environment also leads to longer ride and restaurant service wait times, and the likelihood of witnessing at least one royal tantrum during the day.

Now if you want to experience Disney holiday magic without feeling like you’re in the midst of a herd of cattle, try visiting near holidays instead of on the actual dates. For example, if you want to experience Christmas at Disney, then visit in November after Thanksgiving or in early December to beat the Winter break rush. You will still be able to see the marvelous decorations that go up right after Halloween!

If you must visit on a holiday, get to the parks early with your patience intact.

Wasting Time in Line

Wait times for rides at Disney World have been known to pass the six-hour mark and, for popular rides, routinely hover between one to two hours. The fact is, you will spend a lot of time in line at Disney World. However, with the right planning, you won’t ever need to spend more than 30 minutes waiting for anything.

Disney World offers FastPass+ as a free service for all guests, which allows you to book skip-the-line passes for up to three rides per day in advance, as well as additional rides for the rest of the day based on availability. Sadly, many guests are unaware of FastPass+ and spend most of their day wasting time in life when they could be zooming through the queues to the most popular rides.

Arriving at the parks before they open and creating a daily plan ahead of time will also spare you hours of wait time.

Over-Relying on Advice

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, odds are you’ll be bombarded with advice from every family member, friend, and acquaintance who has been there, telling you what and what not to do. While receiving helpful pointers and doing some research will prove useful in the long run, take most advice with a grain of salt, especially concerning what not to do.

For example, just because your aunt may not like Asian food doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it, so don’t decide to skip that trip to ‘Ohana (one of Disney World’s most popular restaurants) just like that. Think about what you and your family like and do what looks like fun to you all. Most restaurants, activities, and rides at Disney World are fairly top-notch, so you’ll probably have a good time at or on many of them.

Expecting a Perfect Day

For many people, a day at Disney World is the best day ever, but no day is ever going to be perfect. The weather may be hot and steamy. You’ll spend ridiculous money on food and snacks. Rides will break down, shows will be delayed, and plans will change. If you go into your vacation expecting perfection, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Instead, approach each day with as much flexibility as possible. Expect at least a few things to change or go wrong. You’ll still probably end up having an incredible and memorable day!

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