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Who Is the Amazing Kreskin?

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The Amazing Kreskin has been on television, is an author, has his name on metaphysical games, and was once a household name. His popularity comes from his strange and amazing abilities as a mentalist.

What Is a Mentalist?

Before getting into who Kreskin is, it helps to understand what he is. Often confused as psychics, and sometimes selling themselves as such, a mentalist is a person who uses mental abilities, most often intuition and the ability to read people and the cues they give, to demonstrate fantastic skill.

Mentalists are entertainers, but they are also known to work with authorities to find missing people (just like psychics). Rather than staking their “psychic” abilities spirits communicating with them, mentalists use their mental abilities of skilled memory, precognition, and clairvoyance to read a person or situation.

The Life and Talents of the Amazing Kreskin

Before becoming the Amazing Kreskin, the man known as Kreskin was born George Joseph Kresge in 1935. Unlike most entertainers, Wikipedia doesn’t share anything about Kreskin’s early life. Even his bio begins with his television career in the 1970s.

Inspired by a comic strip called Mandrake, the Magician, Kreskin decided he wanted to become a mentalist. He had a television series called The Amazing World of Kreskin, which aired in Canada from 1970 to 1975. It also ran in syndication in the United States. His television show brought his name to households all over America and brought about his popularity as a talented mentalist.

After his original series ran its course, he did a show titled The New Kreskin Show that ran for two more years. Not only did he appear on TV in his own shows, but he was also on The Tonight Show numerous times throughout the 70s, as well as appearing on Late Night with David Letterman, the Howard Stern Show, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Kreskin is not a psychic and has never claimed to be as such. He has made predictions. One of his schticks that he enjoys doing is finding his payment check for the performances he does, and if he is unable to locate it, he does the performance for free. He has failed at finding his check hidden within the audience of his shows, but it’s happened only about a dozen times.

While “entertainer” has been his focus most of his life as a mentalist, it’s not all that he does. He has worked with athletes, including Heather “The Heat” Hardy, whom he used his mental abilities to help prepare for fights, leading to a WBC International Junior Featherweight Championship of the World win. Kreskin also uses his acute mentalist abilities to teach law enforcement groups about psychological methods that can help jog people’s memories and how to detect messages in body language and the inflection of voice (which can both be used to find out if someone is lying).

While he has slowed down on his performances now that he’s in his mid-80s, Kreskin still gets up on stage to show off his abilities. He regularly appears on television as well.

Like all mentalists, psychics, and others who make predictions, Kreskin has met with scrutiny. There have been times when his predictions didn’t come true, like a mass UFO sighting that never happened. However, he has had predictions come to be, like his Super Bowl XLVIII prediction that was off by one single point, but spot-on with many other things he predicted about the game.

You can hone your own mentalist abilities with the help of The Amazing Kreskin with some cool vintage games with his name on them. Check out Kreskin’s ESP and Kreskin’s Krystal, if you can find copies of them or want to spend the money people are asking (both are somewhat hard to find).

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