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7 Strange Things That Have Fallen From the Sky

Falling dollars on sky background
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When heavy rain comes down, people often say it’s “raining cats and dogs.” The thing is, some bizarre things have fallen from the sky, much like those droplets of water, and you may find it hard to believe.

Money – Making It Rain

You’ve seen the memes of people throwing around money, “making it rain,” but there have been times when it seemed as though money was raining down from the sky. Of course, it wasn’t that money was coming from the clouds.

In 2015, money appeared to rain down from the sky over Kuwait City. According to news reports, a bunch of 500-dirham cash bills fell, and traffic stopped while people got out of their vehicles to collect the money. It’s never been determined where the money came from.

In 2017, some $1 bills were found blowing around on the roof of a building in Indianapolis, IN. Upon checking out the scene, some money slips were found. The mysterious money (at least $200 worth) may have been linked to a restaurant robbery, but no one knows for sure.

One instance of it raining money that has been explained happened in 2018 when a plane accidentally dumped some cargo that included money, including bricks of gold.

Falling Golf Balls – Fore!

There wasn’t anyone on the golf course the night it rained golf balls in Punta Gorda, FL. Most people were in their homes. It was a rainy, stormy night, and when the folks left their homes, they found golf balls all over the place, not just on the golf course.

While the mystery of the golf balls falling from the sky hasn’t been solved, many folks believe that a waterspout is to blame for pulling the balls up from the water and raining them down on the town. This is a good reason to do everything you can to avoid hitting your ball into lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans where they could be pulled back up to haunt you.

Iguana Warn You About Falling Lizards

How the heck did iguanas start raining from the sky in southern Florida? Blame it on a crazy storm system. Raining iguanas isn’t new to Florida either, it happened back in 2018 and again in 2020.

When it’s too cold out, the cold-blooded reptile shuts down, like going into a mini-coma. They’re still alive, but they’re in stasis. Iguanas that are up in trees may lose grasp when they reach this dormant state and fall from the trees.

It’s Raining Fish…

Strangely, “fish rain,” as it’s called, is not an uncommon thing and has happened in many places. Fish rain happens from Mexico to Australia, and even in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, fish fell from the sky in 2012 and 2014 (and probably did before and since). The lucky folks collect the fish when this happens (they are usually still living when they hit the ground), and they enjoyed the delectable commodity as a healthy meal later on.

Waterspouts are the culprit for this crazy fish phenomenon. Whirlwinds above shallow bases of water cause waterspouts often (and can happen over larger bodies of water as well).

Here’s some more info about fish rain, how it happens, and where it has happened:

…And Frogs

Fish aren’t the only critters subject to being sucked up in waterspouts and dropped back down in the rain—it happens to frogs too. Rumor has it that frogs have been falling from the sky as far back as Ancient Greece.

For a more frog rain incident, you can look at Odzaci, Serbia, where, in 2005, it rained down thousands of tiny frogs onto the city. The frogs were ones not usually seen in that city, and they seemed to have survived their ordeal as well. It appears that waterspouts can carry water great distances.

Sky-Diving Spiders

A shower of spiders falling from the sky probably sounds like a nightmare to some people. It’s like a horror movie come to life, and it has happened (more than once). The most recent event was in 2019 in Brazil. The Brazil shower of spiders was not a shower at all; the spiders weren’t even “falling.” They were all hanging out in a vast web built to catch food.

It is possible to see spiders floating through the sky. This is called ballooning and allows spiders to travel by air with the use of some of their silk webbing as a parachute of sorts.

Ballooning is fascinating, and you can see it happen here:

Mind-Boggling Meat Showers

And, probably the strangest of all things falling from the sky would be meat. If you’ve ever wished it would be “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” in real life, it was in Kentucky in 1876, sort of. The rain of meat only lasted a few minutes, and it wasn’t meatballs, it was small chunks of red meat only inches in size.

According to stories about the incident, a couple of guys taste-tested the fallen meat (gross) and determine it was likely venison or possibly lamb. Still, it could have been any number of animals. The likely culprit of the meat shower was a flock of vultures flying overhead, puking up their latest meal (or maybe just dropping bits of it).

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