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7 Lucky Superstitions and Where They Came From

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Of all of the superstitions we have in the world, the ones that might bring us good luck seem worth the most focus. Why do we believe in so many lucky charms, and where do these beliefs come from?

You’d rather focus on picking up a lucky penny than acknowledge that a black cat crossed your path, right? All superstitions, even those that bring us good luck, come from somewhere. Here’s a little bit about some of your favorite good luck charms, and some you might not already know about.

Lucky Acorns

Acorns have become popular in jewelry recently, and there’s a reason for that—acorns are considered lucky. Oak trees are sacred and have been as far back as the days of the Vikings, and the luck of the acorn may have something to do with that majestic tree it comes from. The Vikings believed that Thor spared oak trees because he had a love for them, so when he would cause storms, those trees were thought to be safe from lightning.

If you want the luck of the acorn, you can get it by wearing an acorn charm or keeping an acorn you found on the ground in your pocket. Acorns symbolize not only good luck but also long life. You might even be able to protect your home from inclement weather by keeping an acorn on your windowsill.

Lucky Buttons

If you’ve ever watched the movie Drag Me To Hell, you may not think that buttons carry much luck (the female protagonist’s button is used to curse her), but you’d be way off. Buttons are just as lucky as a four-leaf clover, and they are exceptionally lucky if you get one as a gift or find one.

If you’ve ever wondered why people keep their buttons in jars, it’s because they’re lucky. That jar of lucky buttons is sure to bring good luck to your home.

Lucky Elephants


This is one you may have already heard of, but elephants are believed to be lucky. You don’t even have to wait to come across a real live elephant to experience the luck of this large mammal. The history of the luck of the elephant may come from the god Ganesha from the Hindu religion. Ganesha is a god found in the form of a man with an elephant head, and he is both the god of good luck and wisdom (elephants are extremely intelligent and have excellent memories).

Whether you opt to wear an elephant charm or keep a lucky elephant statue in your home, where his trunk is positioned makes a difference. A trunk lifted in the air means that the elephant has caught the good luck and is holding onto it for you. An elephant with its trunk down isn’t bad luck; it just means that the luck is flowing and free to move where it needs to go.

Lucky Mascots

There is a reason why sports teams, from high school sports to the big leagues, have mascots— they’re considered good luck. The mascot is the embodiment of the team it represents and holds luck by protecting the team.

You see, the name mascot comes from the word “masco,” which is French for “sorceress.” The idea is that the mascot would protect the team or group from anything evil or negative using magic!

Lucky Spiders

If you knew that spiders are harbingers of good luck, would you let them share your home with you? A spider in your home is an auspicious, or positive, symbol. If a small spider drops on you from the ceiling, it’s believed to be bringing you money luck.

Where you find a spider may judge what kind of luck you can expect. According to the book Luck – The Essential Guide from The Society For Fortuitous Events, a spider on clothes may mean you’re getting a fancy new outfit, randomly those who let spiders live will reap the good luck the insect brings.

Lucky Ink

Have you been considering a tattoo but not sure if you should get one? Maybe the time is now because tattoos are good luck. It’s not good luck, however, if you get an infection, so be sure to go to a professional to get your work done.

Sailors, and other people in the military, have gotten tattoos as a way to increase their lucks. Tattooing is a practice that has been around as far back as Ancient Egypt, and while some people get ink simply to decorate their bodies, there may be good luck in the image you pick to live with on your skin forever.

Lucky Underwear

Lucky undies, socks, and other clothing are common with people who play sports. Some superstitions about lucky undergarments say that red is the best color for good luck when it comes to your underwear. More than for sports, wearing those lucky red panties may increase your gambling luck as well.

To keep your good luck for the day, if you put a piece of underclothing on inside out, you should wear it like that the rest of the day— it’s said to bring an increase of luck.

Whether you’re trying to increase your good luck or decrease your bad luck, there are lots of things you can do, wear, and use to bring more good luck into your life (according to superstition, anyway). And, what’s the harm in trying to bring more luck into your life!

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