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How Long Have People Believed in the Existence of Aliens?

illustration of UFOs flying in formation above skyscrapers
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Whether or not you believe in aliens, humans have pondered the existence of creatures from space back to ancient times. Some people think they’ve experienced aliens firsthand.

Much like the various gods and goddesses of each culture, aliens are often believed to be the creators of things we have no explanation for or are the scapegoats for terrible acts.

The First Recording of Aliens

It’s possible that the Puritans were the first people to see UFOs in the skies, and they were at least one of the first to make a recording of what they saw. John Winthrop recorded a possible UFO sighting in his journal in 1639, and a couple of times after that. But was he the first to believe he saw some sign of aliens?

Ancient Egyptians may have been the first people to see aliens and UFOs. In the 1400s, it’s believed that ancient Egyptians experienced a UFO sighting that was recorded by the royal scribe of a Pharaoh. The Tulli Papyrus is a document that is supposed to describe a UFO sighting.

The Egyptians weren’t the only ancient people to experience UFOs, as there have also been experiences recorded by Romans, Mexicans, Greeks, the Chinese, and more. And you can’t really explain it away by dismissing it as something simple like an airplane sighting.

While people all over the world have reported seeing UFOs, it seems that the majority of unidentified flying objects come from the United States. Most of the time, spottings are written off as anything from airplanes to weather balloons.

Signs of Aliens on Earth

UFOs aren’t the only possible proof that aliens exist and have visited Earth. It’s possible the existence of aliens can be seen in some of the things they’ve left behind after their many visitations, although most of these signs can be discredited. Are ingenious farmers creating crop circles? Did ancient Egyptians have the means to build the pyramids? And what about the killing and mutilating of cows?

While no definitive proof exists that any of these things are tied strictly to aliens, some other possible signs indicate that aliens may have been among the human race. Your suspension of disbelief will determine whether you believe aliens had a hand in all of these things, and science and investigations have disproved some of them. Nonetheless, believers still believe.

Crop Circles and Nasca Lines 

Crop Circle in green field
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Crop circles, which may have first begun to appear in the 1970s, are creative and intricate circular designs found in fields, which is where they get their names. Whether they are really where UFOs have landed or bored farmers spending hours creating hoaxes is hard to determine for sure. Crop circles do happen, and those that aren’t proven hoaxes could be created by something as mysterious as aliens or bigfoot.

The Nasca Lines are a strange geometric “drawing” found in Peru. Instead of mere circles, these lines connect to shapes of animals like a monkey and a spider. It was in the 1930s, with the advent of flight, that these lines gained public awareness. While science says the ancient Nasca people created the lines, many believe it was aliens.

The Pyramids and Stonehenge

If you’re among those that marvel at how an ancient civilization could build pyramids with bricks that weighed tons and make them stand over 400 feet tall, you may think that aliens did it. According to history, it was Pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure who built them. It took them about 60 years to complete them.

Many theories revolve around the creation of Stonehenge and what its purpose is. Maybe it was aliens or, more likely, ancient Druids creating a scared space for worship.

Mutilated Cows

It appears that cattle mutilations have been reported as far back as the 1600s, and not just in the United States. It isn’t something that has stopped either. NPR recently shared a story about cattle mutilations in Oregon.

The death of a pet or even a farm animal is frightening, especially when it’s unexplained. To try to find a culprit, people have blamed werewolves, the chupacabra, Satanists, and, of course, aliens for the destruction of these animals. Most often, mutilated cattle and other animals are found drained of blood and with some missing body parts.

Ancient Carvings and Cave Drawings

Sego canyon petroglyph
Barrier Canyon style petroglyph from the Sego canyon in the Utah desert Thomas from USA [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]
From cave drawings by prehistoric man to ancient carvings and hieroglyphs from more than just the Egyptians, signs seem to exist that aliens have been visiting the Earth for thousands of years.

Then again, ancient people could have been fictional storytellers, too. Much like people write about vampires and unicorns today, maybe ancient Egyptians and prehistoric people were just making things up.

Starseed and Indigo Children

Some people believe that crossbreed people are walking among the human race—people that are half-alien and half-human. If your child displays otherworldly signs (super-intelligence at a young age, a deeper understanding of things than they should have at their age, or a special nurturing ability toward all living creatures), they could be a Starseed or Indigo child. Physical features may also make your child look a bit alien.

Whether there really are people that are part extraterrestrial walking around on Earth, many people hold this belief.

Types of Alien Experiences

Think you’ve had a close encounter? If you’ve experienced visits from an alien, it’s called a close encounter. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common types of alien encounters:

  • The First Kind: You saw a UFO in the distance, maybe a bright flash of light up in the sky that didn’t look like an airplane.
  • The Second Kind: You had a direct experience along with a UFO sighting, maybe your car stopped running, or the radio went all fuzzy for seemingly no reason.
  • The Third Kind: You actually see what you believe is an alien or an alien form. It could be animal, plant, mineral, or even a gray humanoid-shaped figure with large black eyes.
  • The Fourth Kind: Do you think aliens have abducted you? If so, you’ve experienced a close encounter of the fourth kind.

Do you believe?

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