The Wildly Morbid History of Safety Coffins

Being buried alive isn’t something many of us have to worry about—but that doesn’t make the idea of the phenomenon any less frightening. Heck, as the history of safety coffins shows, humans have long demonstrated that they’ll do almost anything to prevent premature burial from happening to them—no matter how outlandish or impractical these so-called “solutions” might be.”

9 Spooky Hotels You Can Actually Stay In

There are hotels, and there are hotels—the latter being something quite a bit more than just a room with a bed you can crash in while you’re traveling. If those are the sorts of hotels you look for when planning your trips, and your interest skews towards the strange and mysterious, good news: There are tons of spooky hotels around the world you can stay in—hotels that will challenge your very definition of the word “hotel.”

How to Get Thrown Out of a Disney Theme Park

With Disney World recently reopening to the public, people are heading back in. The Disney parks have some strict rules for guests to follow, and while you’ll usually get a warning or two before you’re escorted out of the parks, it’s best to play things safe. Here are a few ways to get thrown out of a Disney park. Maybe try to avoid them.

Did You Know?

Prolonged internal exposure to elemental silver, as with heavy long-term use of colloidal silver treatments, can turn the user’s skin permanently blue.


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