The Science of Post-it Notes

No desk is complete without a pad of sticky notes, but have you ever given a thought to how sticky notes work? The science of Post-it Notes and other brands of sticky notepads is pretty fascinating—as well as no better demonstration of the idea that magic is science, and vice versa.

The Wildly Morbid History of Safety Coffins

Being buried alive isn’t something many of us have to worry about—but that doesn’t make the idea of the phenomenon any less frightening. Heck, as the history of safety coffins shows, humans have long demonstrated that they’ll do almost anything to prevent premature burial from happening to them—no matter how outlandish or impractical these so-called “solutions” might be.”

9 Spooky Hotels You Can Actually Stay In

There are hotels, and there are hotels—the latter being something quite a bit more than just a room with a bed you can crash in while you’re traveling. If those are the sorts of hotels you look for when planning your trips, and your interest skews towards the strange and mysterious, good news: There are tons of spooky hotels around the world you can stay in—hotels that will challenge your very definition of the word “hotel.”

Did You Know?

The base of the Ronald Reagan statue, situated within the National Capitol Rotunda within the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., has pieces of the Berlin Wall incorporated into the cornice of the base to memorialize Reagan’s role in the destruction of the wall.


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